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Nomad Box
Francoise Michot
Pretty but not very practical

Really delighted with the aesthetics but I had to "tweak" the part with the compartments to raise them because when the box is transported the tablets wander everywhere and get mixed up. I raised the whole thing with boxes so that there is no space with the lid!

Elementary. Hair
Sylviane Ruen
For me it works

I have been using the capsules for about 15 days. My hair is thicker and my nails are growing almost too fast!!
Expensive product, unfortunately.

I did the detox cure and I saw an effect on water retention. In the end I felt lighter

I finished my first month of detox treatment. Less fatigue after the 1st week, less bloating, less retention too.
I really liked it a lot

I have been on the detox cure for 2 months, I digest much better, a feeling of lightness

My hair is less on my brush. They are brighter and stronger

I noticed after barely a month that I was losing my hair much less

My hair is much less dull, and above all I noticed a wow effect on my eyelashes and nails!

Elementary. Hair

I tended to lose my hair and after 1 month and a half of treatment I saw that I had regained density and faster growth

I was always tired and a little sick and the treatment really charged my resistance, like a boost

I took the immunity cure because in winter I have … fatigue and I often fall ill. This year that was not the case!

The beauty gummies are so good

I have much smoother and clearer skin

I had all the time full of small pimples, after 2 weeks I already had almost more. Plus the taste is super nice.

I am 45 years old and have a few wrinkles, the elementary Beauty cure. has become an IN routine in addition to my creams. I have plumped skin

Elementary. Sleep
Jean Baptiste

I've been using your sleep food supplement for three weeks and I'm already feeling the effects.

I travel a lot for my job, especially in India and there was a miracle during my last trip: no jet lag!

I took energy because I felt tired. It did me good

Two weeks since I started the energy cure. I feel less tired. It also affects my mind. I feel more resistant to the little hassles of everyday life, and more positive

I followed an energy cure, very pleasant taste, tender in the mouth and effective after a few days: a real boost

Super !

great product