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At elementary, we have chosen to develop 6 solutions (for the moment…) with complex formulations, rich in targeted nutrients according to individual needs. 

Formulated with our laboratory, they are real boosters based on natural plant active ingredients, vitamins and probiotics. Only 5 ingredients, handpicked: the most effective and the best dosed for the targeted problem. 

They are premium quality for several reasons: 

Natural ingredients & French manufacturing

Our dietary supplements all contain natural ingredients: plants, roots and/or spices that have been used for centuries for their effects. They perfectly illustrate this idea that we have had for a long time: nature generously offers us its benefits and contributes to our well-being. Why not?

We chose French manufacturing for several reasons that are dear to us:

  • To work with a French laboratory whose standards are among the highest in the world;
  • To control the ingredients that compose them;
  • To contribute to carbon reduction by reducing the distances travelled.

Where do our ingredients come from?

At elementary. we are honest and can tell you that it has not always been possible to find the ingredients for our food supplements in France. But when we can, we do: our arugula, our artichoke, our wild pansies, our roses, our poppies and our California poppies are all native to French territory. For our other ingredients: we source where they are better than in France!

Vegan and non-GMO 

At elementary. we don't choose opportunity: our decisions are guided by the values that we believe are good for our customers.
We believe that the earth is a mother for humanity and that without it we would not be. Thus, we choose natural products because we do not want their production to damage the earth and those who feed on it.

We prefer to choose the "better" rather than the "more" because we like to have less on our plate but of better quality. The same goes for our dietary supplements. We prefer to choose a quality asset by putting the price on it, rather than cheating with nature to correct it. Thus, our food supplements are Eve Vegan certified and GMO-free.

A synergy of active ingredients

At elementary., we have designed our food supplements so that the components work in synergy.

An elementary dietary supplement. it’s still only 5 ingredients:
- 2 plants, flowers, roots and/or berries whose actions have been known for millennia – because the best is often in nature
- 2 vitamins, minerals and/or amino acids which act in synergy and correct deficiencies
- 1 specific probiotic base which allows an in-depth treatment of the microbiota

Why did you choose Synergy?

Because it increases the effectiveness of the benefits contained in each ingredient. Thus, black pepper increases tenfold the absorption of turmeric and improves its antiseptic, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effectiveness. Vitamin C is also better absorbed and more effective in the presence of vitamin E, etc. On the contrary, we exclude associations which can create real problems at the level of the microbiota (for example zinc disturbs the absorption of copper and magnesium and calcium are incompatible).

Thanks to these synergies, we offer the most effective solutions to relieve the little ailments of everyday life in an unprecedented way.

Probiotics in our solutions

elementary. offers a unique approach in the choice of its assets. This is a fundamental idea that we have defended since we started manufacturing food supplements.

Thus we have chosen that all our food supplements have a base of probiotics specific to the needs they relieve.

Probiotics are living organisms naturally present in our intestines. They participate in the balance of our intestinal flora and have a profound influence on our well-being. Depending on the balance of this flora we can have skin problems, weight, fatigue, mood...

Science has also discovered that the intestines contain neurons! Studies on this point are still in their infancy but promise revolutions in the approach to well-being and health. What we give to our inner world has huge consequences on our life force.

It reminds us that the human being is a part of nature and that his body responds to his way of reacting with an ecosystem. Some plants can restore life to soils polluted by chemistry, the same goes for what we ingest.

At elementary., we have thus selected, with our nutrition experts, the best possible solutions with premium quality active ingredients. 

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